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Beowulf and the ancient legends of Gammel Lejre
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Startdato: 18. aug 2019 kl 14:00
Slutdato: 18. aug 2019 kl 15:30
Take a walk back in time to the ancient Kingdom of Denmark when warriors fought monsters, Viking Kings preferred death in battle to old age, and feasting and drinking went on for days and nights. On this walk through the beautiful village of Gammel Lejre, you can hear some of the legends from one of the earliest periods in Danish history. See the site of the magnificent mead hall where Beowulf fought the monster Grendel, hear about the warrior king Harald Wartooth and experience the ancient monuments and beautiful countryside of Gammel Lejre.

Located 40 minutes outside Copenhagen, the sleepy village of Gammel Lejre may look peaceful today but in the iron age and during Viking times it was known throughout Northern Europe as an important seat of power.


This is where the Scylding Kings reigned for five hundred years – a period that has given rise to numerous legends and stories. Recent excavations have confirmed the existence of great halls, burial sites and important settlements from the iron age and Viking age.


On our walk, we’ll see the exact site of the great mead hall where the ancient warrior hero Beowulf is reported to have fought the monster Grendel. This is described in the epic Beowulf poem, the oldest surviving piece of English literature and still taught in English-speaking schools throughout the world.


We’ll also walk through an ancient Viking burial ground shaped like a Viking ship and hear about Viking traditions and customs.


The final stop on our walk is a stone age burial mound that reportedly contains the remains of the bloodthirsty king Harald Wartooth. A real Viking who would rather die in action on the battlefield than of old age in his bed.


If you are interested in Vikings, monsters, ancient history – or just want to see a beautiful part of the Danish countryside, come along! The walk is free of charge and open to everyone.


We’ll meet at the museum in Gammel Lejre ready to start the walk at 2pm.

Turleder:Polly Davis / 2068 1312
Turarrangør (ansvarlig for tur): Lejre Museum
Kontaktperson: Polly Davis
Telefonnummer: 2068 1312

To get to Gammel Lejre, take the train to Lejre and the museum is around 1.5 km away from the station.

Sensible footwear required as one part of the walk is on a field path that is sometimes overgrown. This part of the walk is not suitable for wheelchairs or pushchairs.

Bring a bottle of water J

P-pladsen ved Lejre Museum.
Transport - start/slutsted:

Trains from Copenhagen to Lejre station.

1.5 km walk from the station to Lejre Museum.